Sunday, January 8, 2017

New Audio + Video: We Bow - JayKings [@iamJayKings]

‘We Bow’ as inspired by ‘Jaykings’ is a total manifestation of a heart filed with gratitude in every attitude. In a time like this when the glory of God rest upon mankind, we only give thanks, adoration and show perfect gratitude.

God is waiting to receive your thanks with the words herein. Directed by C-Ri Snow.

Watch the video:

New Video: HALLELUJAH by Avantii Uzor (@AvantiiUzor)

Avantii Uzor just released another music video for her song titled HALLELUJAH off her debut Album. This is her best music video yet as this is a song of all Jesus did for humanity on the cross of calvary. Setting us free from sickness, pain, guilt, shame and everything that ails us.


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