Monday, July 18, 2016

Bishops Express Concern Over Proposed Cattle `Grazing Bill`

Bishops of the Catholic Church in Enugu State have expressed concern over the ominous cloud of fear and insecurity in the state as a result of the growing culture of impunity of Fulani Cattles herdsmen and the nonchalant attitude of Government and the nation’s security agents towards the security of the indigenes of the state. They therefore advocated the scrapping of the proposed “Grazing Bill”.

The concern of the bishops was expressed in a joint press statement tilted: That There May Be Peace; issued recently, after an Inter-Diocesan Prayer Procession for Greater Security in the State in the Wake of Repeated Attacks by Herdsmen in Various Parts of the State; and signed by Bishop Godfrey Onah of Nsukka diocese, on behalf of himself, Bishops Callistus Onaga of Enugu Diocese and John Okoye of Awgu Diocese.


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