Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Pastor Poju Oyemade talks about how Pastors can have a successful public ministry

Pastor Poju Oyemade had a special meeting with senior Pastors recently and he shares some highlights below:

When I was going to start our television ministry back in 2004, I was advised by the Spirit of God about something which I intend to share this morning. He said, you are the pastor of those that attend Covenant Christian Centre but not the pastor of the other several people who will listen to you via television. He said, if you respect that you will have a successful public ministry. 

He went further and said you must not make other pastors feel uncomfortable about their members listening to you because you are projecting your church culture and preferences which maybe different from theirs. ( For example i have never taken an offering for building or any other project in our church but that does not make those who do it wrong in any way or form). 

There are things Paul taught where he said I have no commandment from the Lord on this, this is my judgement. What that instruction meant to me was this, since what we were going to be playing on television were our recordings from our services, I had to be mindful of what I decided to play on TV. I edited out the parts where I spoke to the congregation as their pastor and left where I purely taught scripture.


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