Saturday, February 13, 2016

Help Efena Otobo raise money to walk again

Efena Otobo's story is a heartfelt journey of a young lady determined to overcome paralysis caused by a spinal cord injury. Efena was involved in an accident which affected her spinal cord. So she is raising money for her restoration. 

She is trying to raise £170,000. She has already raised £27,200 as shown on her GoFundMe page. You can also donate to this fund on this page too.

Here is her story told by her sister, Kome.

My name is Kome Otobo and I live in London, England.

On the 21st day of April 2014, one single catastrophic event completely altered my sister's universe.

Steve Harvey Experiment Shows How Superficial Women Miss Out On Great Guys!

Steve sets up twin sisters on dates with two men that meet all of their qualifications, but there’s a twist.

Watch the video clip below


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