Monday, February 8, 2016

Everyone needs a little bit of Help: From Bread Seller to Model - The Story of Olajumoke Orisaguna

Her story from rags to fame is extra-ordinary but real. All she did was "waka pass" (walk past) a TY Bello's shoot for British-Nigerian rapper Tinie Tempah. And then TY extended a little help to her.

TY Bello is a famous Nigerian photographer and artist (from the Gospel group - KUSH). She was doing a photo shoot when this bread seller stumbled past the set. Well she thought she added a little "zing" to the shoot, so she continued with the photo shoot.

After the session, she found that she really needed to find the bread seller. She then posted on her Instagram page asking for anyone who knew the lady.

TY Bello’s assistant went back to the shoot scene and found her.

Olajumoke said that someone told her that he saw her on Facebook and that TY was looking for her. So she hung around the scene awaiting TY Bello.

According to TY Bello, 


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