Thursday, December 31, 2015

Borno State Government restricts movement from New year's eve to Jan 2 2016

Borno State Government has announced restriction of movement in Maiduguri, from 17.00hrs today 31st December 2015 to 07.00hrs (7.00a.m.) on Saturday 2nd December 2016.

This is to forestall any Boko Haram attack.

A Reflection: You and your words. - Strive Masiyiwa

One day after attending a church service in London, I spent several hours going through bookshops looking for a bible translation called The Living Bible. There were no Amazon or Internet editions in those days, so I just had to go from shop to shop.

The reason I was looking so determinedly for this translation was because of something that had been preached that morning about the meaning of Matthew 12:35 (based on this translation):

"A good man's speech reveals the rich treasures within him. An evil-hearted man is filled with venom, and his speech reveals it."

Verse 36, shows us that "words" can be "good or evil treasure," and they come out of the way you speak or express yourself on any issue.


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