Saturday, November 28, 2015

Secular music is not a sin, it only covers a wider perspective to music - Florocka

Akinwunmi Akiremi aka Florocka has asserted that contrary to popular opinion, being a secular artist or singing secular songs is not sin.

The singer, songwriter, producer, sound engineer, and legal practitioner, speaks on his gospel music career and many more in an interview with Michael Abimboye of 

Read excerpts from the interview below

Is gospel music a genre?

Gospel Music falls within the sub list of ‘Inspirational Music’. There seems to have been a great misconception about ‘Gospel Music’ as a whole. Quite a huge number of people in Nigeria do not understand that Gospel Music is a genre (as an art), which is also a form of musical expression. At the mention of the word ‘Gospel’ many people thinks – religious music bereft of artistic expression.

Gospel Music isn’t just about expressing Christian belief systems and ideologies in ‘Christianese’ as I like to call it. Christian doctrines cover a multitude of situations and topics which include friendship, forgiveness, malice, money, marriage, relationships and several more. In fact, the basis upon which Christianity thrives is ‘LOVE’. That an artist willfully decides to sing about money, relationships or love does not necessarily make them non-Christians bereft of the understanding of the ‘Gospel’.

What is your impression of the Christian music industry in Nigeria?

I see the Christian music industry as one under a ‘very’ slow development. The expressions given to Christian music is yet to find multiple and unrestricted delivery. Christian music should be inspiring, but majority of the songs being churned out today are very similar in composition and delivery.


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