Thursday, October 22, 2015

My Music Will Address Sex, Prostitution & More - Greatman

'Greatman' is not a familiar name to us in the music industry right now but chances are we will be hearing this name in the coming months. The singer/songwriter, who will embark on a musical tour of the USA courtesy of gospel act BOUQUI, is set to revolutionaze the Gospel music industry in Nigeria. 

He reveals why the term 'Gospel Musician' does not fully define him in this interview with ABISOLA ALAWODE of Read below

How did your song with super producer Gospelondebeatz come about?

It was all coincidental. On October 25, 2014, a colleague of mine sent me a text that Gospel wanted to meet with me. I was so excited that I quickly freshened up and ran down to Maitama where we were supposed to meet. We recorded the first track titled Farawemi and he called me back to do a couple of more songs. That was how the whole Gospel angle came about

Your style of music is unique...

Yes it is. I know of some other guys who also rap and sing in the gospel genre but are not on my level. So I think it's safe to say that for now, I'm the only one in my lane.

Seeing that you have performed at different shows, private events and churches, how would you describe the reception you've gotten so far?

Nigerian Gospel Music Artistes Need To Brace Up - Kevin Bond

Popular keyboardist, music director, multiple Grammy award winner and one of the finest producers in the gospel music industry, Kevin Bond, has charged Nigerian gospel music artistes, worship leaders and concerned stakeholders in the non- secular sector to brace up in contributing to fast growing music industry in Nigeria. He said this at the Lagos session of the worship conference tagged, 'Catalysis 2015' organised by Trucework Limited, a faith-based organisation.

The well-established producer said this at the Lagos session of the worship conference tagged, 'Catalysis 2015' organised by Trucework Limited, a faith-based organisation. The conference designed to empower the leadership of the present day church and others was held in three major cities in Nigeria: Lagos, Port-Harcourt and Abuja with worship leaders from different churches, notable gospel music artistes and aspiring talents in attendance at the different cities.

Speaking at the Lagos conference, Bond opened the day with deep x-ray on understanding the root of worship and how God created angels for the purpose of worship. He took the participant through how God created Lucifer with lots of good qualities by giving him power, position and popularity to influence and lead worship in heaven. However, Lucifer lost his place due to arrogance, pride and other qualities that were against God's wish.

He added that as worship leaders and stakeholders in the non-secular sector of the music industry in Nigeria, there is need for participants to use their God given power, popularity and positions to contribute to the development of the industry to the glory of God. He expressed appreciation for being invited to Nigeria for Catalysis 2015 which he believes achieved more than the set goals since it was also an avenue to worship and encourage Nigerians to understand what it means to truly submit to God in worship. 


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