Saturday, September 26, 2015

11 Sure Tips To Having A More Productive Life

It is hard to ignore the stranger beside you that is bopping excitedly to loud music in the traffic. IT is a very sunny afternoon but your windows are down because your fuel gauge tells you can’t use the airconditioner for a while and the next filling station is about 15mins away from where you are. Given the traffic jam you might as well add another 30mins.

The sound of different honks and chatters from different passersby make it really hard to think. Your mind finally finds a place of ‘rest’ in dissatisfying thoughts of how your time could be put into more productive use. You find yourself making the all familiar analysis on all the things that could have been done.

You know this trend so well because it very well could be your life. Thing is you are not alone, you have a large company. It sometimes feel like time is on some sort of hover board, we find it very hard to keep up. Was it not yesterday that we celebrated the New Year, how come the calendar is telling of a day in September?


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