Friday, September 25, 2015

Nigerian actor, David Oyelowo plays crazed murderer in new faith-based film "Captive"

Nigerian actor, David Oyelowo, plays the role of crazed murderer Brian Nichols in a newly released faith-based film titled "Captive".

Captive is based on a true story about Brian Nichols, who escapes from the Fulton County courthouse in Atlanta on March 11, 2005, shoots four people and holds a young mother and meth addict Ashley Smith as a hostage in her apartment. The film stars Selma star, David Oyelowo as Nichols and Kate Mara as Smith.

According to David in a recent interview with Christianpost, he took on the role of co-producer to ensure that the film stayed true to Smith's real-life account while not alienating viewers who might not subscribe to Christianity, which plays an integral role in the story.  

He adds, "I [also] don't think you have to lose Christians as an audience in order to tell a well-produced, well-written and hopefully well-acted story that can speak to a broader audience.

Gem Woman presents Body Soul and Spirit 2015

The Body Soul and Spirit is an annual much sought after event for women hosted by gemWOMAN magazine. The objective of this inspiring event is to provide an avenue for women to enjoy all-round rejuvenation- spiritual, emotional and physical, even as they get empowered to maximise their potential. It’s usually a refreshing time in God’s presence, as women relax, share, worship, learn, interact and get inspired.

Pat Utomi, Judy Smith, Matthew Kukah, Segun Adeniyi converge at The Platform Nigeria. October 1, 2015

Come October 1, The Platform Nigeria will host a group of important dignitaries who will be speaking on the theme "Nigeria, Our Journey so far: What Next?"

The Platform Nigeria is a global media event powered by Covenant Christian Centre. The vision of this initiative is to stimulate and inspire Nigerians, by facilitating the development of the proper mind-set and right thinking processes through learning sessions that enable optimal utility of opportunities available to them in the Nation.

Notable among the speakers are Judy Smith, an American author, television producer, and crisis manager. She is known as the founder, president, and CEO of the crisis management firm, Smith & Company. Her work in crisis management is the inspiration for the ABC television series Scandal. She will be speaking on the topic: “Leading through Crisis. What every leader should know.”


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