Saturday, March 7, 2015

MUSIC: Joe Praize – Strong Together (ft Frank Edwards & Nikki Laoye)

International Gospel Artiste based in Lagos Nigeria, Joe Praize collaborates with two of Nigeria’s biggest names in Gospel and Inspirational Music, who happen to be ambassadors of various national reputable bodies: Frank Edwards, an INEC Peace Ambassador and Nikki Laoye, Voice of Refugees (NCFRMI S/W) in a song titled “STRONG TOGETHER”.

“I recently made a trip to the United States of America and in the course of my activities there I began to think of what we could do to help foster peace and unity in our nation NIGERIA especially among our youths. In this very trying moments in our democracy, I have come to love my country, Nigeria the more knowing that there is a brighter tomorrow that can only be achieved when we all understand that we are STRONG TOGETHER.” ~ Joe Praize

As Nigerians, we must all understand that our strength is in our unity. Listen to "Strong Together" below:

You Shall Not Enter: MFM Announces Ban On Indecent Dressing

The Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry, MFM has announced a ban on indecent dressing.

The church announced this new development in a statement, but didn't specify what constituted indecency.

 “In a renewed effort in the war against indecent dressing at MFM, both male and female worshippers are being cautioned to dress appropriately when coming to worship at MFM” the statement says.

It was added that “From henceforth, any person who doesn’t dress right WILL NOT be allowed to enter the auditorium at MFM HQ and its regions and branches.”

Son Of A Nigerian Billionaire Donates Kidney To Isreali Girl

Smith Jadesimi, from Nigeria, donated a kidney to Israeli Omaima Halabi through the NGO Matnat Chaim. Black-hatted rabbi, a white-hatted Muslim elder and a black Christian pastor attend a Christmas celebration in a Druse village.

This is not the first line of a joke, but a celebration of a gift of life. When Smith Jadesimi, a tall and athletic 25-year-old from Nigeria, first approached his country’s Israeli Embassy in Abuja about his desire to donate a kidney to an Israeli, he was politely but firmly turned away.

Likewise, the organization that facilitates kidney transplants in Israel told him no; at least one Israeli hospital refused him, too.

Jadesimi was undaunted. A man of deep faith, he knew he was supposed to donate a kidney to an Israeli, and that it would happen. Rabbi Yeshayahu Heber was among those who rejected Jadesimi. Although Heber himself was a kidney recipient and the founding chairman of Matnat Chaim – Hebrew for Gift of Life, an organization that desperately seeks organ donors – he assumed Jadesimi was seeking a way into Israel as a foreign worker, like many other Africans. Said Heber, “We don’t want [those who have fallen on hard times] and want to donate their kidneys for money; we’re only seeking altruistic donations.”

Great News! Phyllis Sortor, American Missionary Kidnapped in Nigeria, Is Free

The Rev. Phyllis Sortor, the American Free Methodist Church missionary who was kidnapped by suspected criminal gang members in Nigeria last month (If you missed it, read story here)  with a demand for a $300,000 ransom, was safely released Friday, according an announcement from the church.

"Early evening Nigeria time, Friday, March 6, Phyllis Sortor, Free Methodist missionary to Nigeria, was safely released into the care of authorities and Free Methodist church leaders," noted David W. Kendall, for the Board of Bishops in a news release to The Christian Post Friday evening.

Muslim, Christian leaders plan joint rally for Jonathan

Religious leaders across denominations have pledged to hold a joint rally in support of People's Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate Goodluck Jonathan, Sun News reports.

Operating under the aegis Inter-Faith Prayer Forum, the leaders made their plans public through a meeting with PDP Director General Ahmadu Ali.

Led by Archbishop Leonard Kawas and Sheik Dan Zanga, the group has pledged their support for Jonathan's administration and has commended apparent improvements made in all sectors of society.

The group also cautioned all aspirants against being power hungry, noting that both the Q'uran and the Bible agree that only God gives power.

In his remarks, Ahmadu Ali expressed appreciation towards the group and thanked them for their prayers and support during the electioneering process.


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