Thursday, February 19, 2015

Featured Story: Strip Club Owner Leaves Business for Higher Calling

Aaron Bekkela will never forget the day his eyes were opened to the reality of his career choice. “My daughter came home,” he recalls. “They had a career day at their school, and she comes bouncing through the door, ‘Oh guess what we get to do,’ you know and all excited about it.”

Aaron wasn’t as excited as his daughter about career day. As the co-owner of a strip club in Colorado, it meant talking about exotic dancers and heavy drinking. He confesses, “Your daughter can’t go to work with you because what you do is disgusting.  I obviously was embarrassed about what I did. It was shameful.”

His club has since been gutted and under-construction … but returning to the space, he remembers the scene well. “A typical night in here, lights, very loud,” he remembers.  Pointing to a small staircase, he says, “This was where you would walk down. The stages were here. There were three; one here, one in the middle and one off to the side.” 

His father owned a chain of strip clubs so to Aaron, it was a normal part of life. But his dad’s frequent disappearances and affairs weighed heavily on his heart. Aaron explains, “What do you do when you see your mom crying off and on your entire—I don’t know, as long as I can remember growing up, she was sad. But I’ve always been very introverted so whatever was going on, I absolutely kept it to myself.”


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