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All About The Money: Singer Simi Explains Why She Left Gospel Music For Secular Music

In a recent interview with Nigezie, Simi, who used to be a gospel singer, spoke about her early beginnings, her plans for the future, and her switch from gospel to secular music.

Watch interview below.


Lecrae Devaughn Moore (born October 9, 1979), mononymously known as Lecrae, is an American Christian rapper, songwriter, record producer and actor. He is the president, co-owner and co-founder of the independent record label Reach Records, and the co-founder and president of the non-profit organization ReachLife Ministries. To date, he has released seven studio albums and two mixtapes as a solo artist, and has released three studio albums, a remix album, and one EP as the leader of the rap group 116 Clique.

Lecrae released the official music video for his Grammy-nominated song "Messengers ft. for KING & COUNTRY," from his seventh studio album "Anomaly!" 

Watch Video Below:

'I Will Not Forget My Sisters'; World Would Care More If Chibok Schoolgirls Were From Rich, Powerful Family, Says Malala Yousafzai

Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai said on the 300th day anniversary of the kidnapping of the Nigerian schoolgirls by terror group Boko Haram that the international community would be trying much harder to get them freed if they belonged to rich and powerful parents. The over 200 schoolgirls taken from the town of Chibok are believed to have been married off to jihadists.

"Nigerian leaders and the international community can and must do much more to resolve this crisis and change their weak response to date. If these girls were the children of politically or financially powerful parents, much more would be done to free them. But they come from an impoverished area of northeast Nigeria and sadly little has changed since they were kidnapped," Yousafzai said in a statement on Saturday.

"These young women risked everything to get an education that most of us take for granted. I will not forget my sisters. We cannot forget them. We must demand their freedom until they are reunited with the families and back in school, getting the education they so desperately desire," she added.

Despite the promises of the Nigerian army that everything will be done to get the girls released, there has been little progress on the issue since the kidnappings took place back in April 2014.

Boko Haram has captured several towns across Nigeria, leading to heavy clashes with the army, sometimes leaving entire villages decimated and burned down. The jihadists have often targeted Christians, killing entire congregations in a mission to establish an Islamic caliphate in the region.

Most recently the terror group has set its sights on the neighboring countries of Chad and Cameroon, where it has also engaged in heavy battles with the local armies.

Boko Haram: 200,000 Christians at Risk of Massacre in Nigeria

Boko Haram forces appear poised to attack Maiduguri, a city of 2 million in northeast Nigeria -- meaning that 200,000 Christians could be at risk of slaughter by the Islamist terror group, say U.S. intelligence officials and experts on Nigeria.

"An attack on Madiguri is very likely," said J. Peter Pham, director of the Africa Project at the Atlantic Council, echoing U.S. intelligence officials. Pham believes, as do other experts, that Boko Haram has already placed "sleeper cells" among the tide of refugees who have fled the group's murderous rampage through Africa's most populous nation. "They've done it everywhere else they've gone," said Pham. "So why not Maiduguri?"

One big concern is the large number of Christians in the city -- about 200,000, most of them Roman Catholic. In previous attacks, Boko Haram has offered Nigerian Christians the opportunity to convert or be killed. Already, 200 Christian churches have been lost to the group's onslaught.

Strategically, success in Maiduguri would provide Boko Haram with a launching point for further attacks on the neighbouring states of Cameroon, Chad and Niger, all of whose territory were once part of an Islamic caliphate that lasted six centuries, ending in the 1300's. Boko Haram declared its own caliphate in the region last year.

Nigerian Gospel Music Artistes To Watch Out For in 2015

Nigeria's rapidly growing Gospel music industry did not go unnoticed in 2014. With 2015 in full gear already, this article examines those artistes who are poised to make a splash in the music industry this year.


Shadrack Nosakhare 'Nosa' Omoregie made one of the biggest news nationwide in 2012 when he was signed on to Chocolate City, a label known for its keen interest in secular artistes. Nosa also released his heart-warming gospel-cum-inspirational album "Open Doors" on the label and it was a hit, with singles such as I'II Always Pray for You and I Go Stay earning him a mention beyond Gospel circles. The Edo-born singer, song-writer and producer was one of the most decorated gospel singers last year. Let's hope he brings his 'A' to the middle of the hall this year.


Preye was, indeed, a revelation of 2014. His debut album "My Script' produced a song which became a national favourite in no time, in the form of Ebezina. It even made it into the MTN Caller Tunes chart. The inspiring song enjoyed wide acceptability and was sang by most choristers, worship leaders and gospel artistes nationwide. Will he continue on the same path in 2015? Only time will tell.

Solomon Lange

Solomon Lange made his huge presence felt in 2014 with the album "Grateful" and, according to various sources, it is considered a trend-setter. However, the talents of the abundantly talented Abuja-based gospel star are best enjoyed live on stage.

Nikki Laoye


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