Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Is the Blood Moon Prophecy a sign of the end times?

Today, Wednesday October 8, we shall see the second of the four-part series of the Blood Moon eclipses.

A blood moon, a total lunar eclipse, causes the planet Earth to cast its shadow on the surface of the moon. A shade of red then taints the moon as it passes due to the reflection of the light from the sun.

According to NASA,  during this episode, the moon will appear 5.3% larger than it did during the April 15 eclipse and the eclipse will last 59 minutes. The entire October 08 eclipse is visible from the Pacific Ocean and regions immediately bordering it but none of the eclipse is visible from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

The times are slated as follows–the partial eclipse begins at 5:18 a.m. EDT, with the full eclipse beginning at about an hour later at 6:27 a.m. The maximum eclipse is set for 6:55 a.m., with the full eclipse ending at 7:22 a.m. Sunrise will take place at 7:57 a.m.

This is an important event in the astronomer's calendar; but does it mean anything to the true believer?

OneCard partners with RCCG to launch its multiple service recharge cards.

OneCard, a fast moving consumer goods company, has partnered with The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) to introduce multiple service recharge cards. These cards will offer worshipers access to top-up solution at any of the church’s over 332,000 parishes nationwide.
The cards can be loaded on any network.
Under the agreement with the church, OneCard will produce, distribute and sell multiple service recharge cards that are customised with the church’s images.
According to the Founder and Director of OneCard, Prof. Olurinde Lafe, “The initiative is borne out of the company’s commitment to making life easier for Nigerians via easy-to-use and accessible top-up solution.” He stressed further that partnering with the church is an opportunity for the church to ensure that more Nigerians access the company’s solutions even in their places of worship.
He added that the partnership was one in the series of strides, saying, “One Card is taking steps to bring impactful services closer to every Nigerian, within their space: where they live, work, play, congregate and worship.”
Mr. Tunde Odulaja, OneCard’s Chairman,  thanked the church for the “exclusive opportunity” given his company to avail it of one of its services.
Announcing the church’s approval, Pastor J.K. Odesola said, “OneCard is providing an innovative cards that is a bridge to all Nigerians service providers making it possible for any denomination of OneCard purchased to be loaded on any service provider of one’s choice.”


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