Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sunday Video - "Pray For You" - Nosa

Enjoy this track from Nosa - "Pray For You"

Nosa has branded himself with the use of the Pidgin language in his music and he is making the pidgin language really "hip". Lyrically with his songs, Nosa aims to, first and foremost, inspire the listener then to provoke change and deliver good music.

He is currently with the Chocolate City crew.

The Story Behind My Papal Visit - Kenneth Copeland

Kenneth Copeland and Pope Francis

Kenneth Copeland shares the story behind his recent visit to Pope Francis in the Vatican city.

On June 23, 2014, Kenneth Copeland, along with James and Betty Robison and other evangelical church leaders, met with the Pope in Rome at the Pope’s request. On June 30, 2014, Kenneth Copeland explained to his Partners and Friends at the Southwest Believers’ Convention the significance of this meeting.

Dr Tony Rapu writes to President Goodluck Jonathan - We are at a dead end

Dr. Tony Rapu heads the group of ministries comprising This Present House, God Bless Nigeria and The Waterbrook. Chair of the Board of Trustees, Freedom Foundation.

He recently wrote an open letter to President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria. Here it is......

Your Excellency,

More than two millennia ago, the prophet Daniel observed that, "God changes the times and the seasons and lifts up kings and deposes them." These are salient words for you as you try to interpret Nigeria’s current circumstances. The scriptures further tell us that the sons of Issachar understood the times and they knew what to do. The 'House of Issachar' represents two powerful resources you will need today – prophetic awareness and strategic insight. Like those proverbial sons of Issachar, you must understand our current political and social setting vis a vis our historical context, and also have a grasp of the strategies required to govern effectively at such a time as this.

Mr. President, as you probably know, the history of a nation can be understood in two ways. First, it can be erroneously seen as the normal chronological sequence of unrelated events. Secondly, it can be understood as a smokescreen for the operation of a higher providential agenda and the field of conflict between cosmic forces. Your task as a perceptive leader is to go beyond the apparent and to perceive the workings of providence behind the curtain of history.

The challenge for you now is quite frankly one of acuity and discernment. Does the current political wrangling have a deeper dimension of interpretation beyond what many officials in your cabinet and administration can readily discern? What story could God be telling you through our national history? What lessons are you meant to derive from current contemporary events? What posture should you assume as our President in a season when so many forces are arrayed against you and your government?


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