Monday, February 3, 2014

Christian Filmmakers Use Hollywood To Send A Powerful Message: Your Past Doesn't Need To Define You.

There’s a long-held assumption — particularly in conservative circles — that Hollywood simply doesn’t understand people of faith and that Tinseltown, either purposefully or inadvertently, ignores Christian audiences.

Pastor Kirk Dueker and Nicholas DiBella Are Teaming Up to Make a Big Impact Through Hollywood. It is true that faith-based projects haven’t traditionally been championed in popular media, but there’s evidence that these tides might be changing, as feature films like “Left Behind,” “Noah,” “Son of God” and a number of other Bible-themed movies are slated to hit the big screen in 2014.

Christian preacher & Muslim leader, who had previously criticised Boko Haram,killed in separate attacks.

Gunmen killed a pastor in an attack on a church in Sabon Garin Yambdula, in the Madagali area of Adamawa state late on Friday. Ten people tried to repel the attack with hunting rifles, said Madagali local government chairman Maina Ularamu, according to AFP.

"All we know is that the gunmen were not soldiers, although they were dressed in military uniform, because some of them wore bathroom slippers instead of boots," he said. Others had their faces covered, he added. The attackers stole four cows and also killed two goats, said Ularamu, who declined to say whether Boko Haram fighters were responsible.



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