Sunday, December 1, 2013

Stand firmly in God - Pastor Poju Oyemade

Whenever as Christians we find ourselves in difficult situation(s), we ought to be very careful what choice(s) we make. Your decisions at such times are very crucial to your destiny. Esau is a good example. When life’s challenges came his way, he mapped out his own deliverance by himself. He sold his birth right instead of depending on God for help and deliverance. Our everyday confessions that we are Christ’s can only be proven when challenges come. 

Challenges are our golden chance to say, “Lord, nothing, absolutely nothing can separate me from You.” It is the proof that we do not just pay lip service to the Almighty God. And it is the most beneficial place to be. From this place of unbroken covenant, revelation will flood your hearts and illuminate your paths. The problem is that once people find an easy way out, they embrace it instead of waiting for God’s judgment on the matter. As a result, many people remain in the same position. The ability to mount up like an eagle and fly comes from within. If children are given whatever they cry for, then they will remain children even when they are physical matured and advanced in age. However, for a child to grow, certain things he is used to are withdrawn from him. This withdrawal is painful to the child but it is the bedrock for his maturity. Pain is necessary for growth.

Are your ready for "The Experience"? December 6

The stage is set for The Experience, 2013

Convened and hosted by Pastor Paul Adefarasin, The Experience is an Interdenominational Gospel concert that features some of the best-known musical talents of our time. The Event, which debuted in December 2006 with over 70,000 persons in attendance rapidly gained momentum at its second outing with a quantum leap in attendance of well over 250,000 people. The Experience has now become known as the largest musical concert in Africa.

Gospel Singers Eben and Jahdiel tie the knot.

Jadiel Peter a.k.a Jahdiel of "The Heritage" fame and Emmanuel Benjamin a.k.a Eben known for the song "Imaranma" got married yesterday at Christ Embassy in Lagos.

Congratulations to the couple.

Here are some pictures from the wedding, courtesy of Lindaikeji.

Paul Crouch of TBN Dies at the age of 79

Dr. Paul F. Crouch, evangelist and founder of the Trinity Broadcasting Network, passed away Saturday, November 30, at the age of 79. He reportedly died from on-going heart problems.

Paul F. Crouch was born on March 30, 1934, in St. Joseph, Missouri. He graduated from the Central Bible Institute and Seminary in Springfield, Missouri in1955 with a degree in Theology.

He is survived by his wife Jan and his two sons Paul, Jr. and Matthew.

Dr. Crouch is the author of several books: I Had No Father But God, Hello World, Omega Code, Megiddo, and The Shadow of the Apocalypse

He celebrated 40 years of TBN ministry this year. Before founding it, he worked for the Assemblies of God to help with its new television department.

TBN reaches every major continent via 84 satellite channels and over 18,000 television and cable affiliates around the world. His full biography can be found here.


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