Thursday, February 28, 2013

Evangelist T. L. Osborn passes on to glory on the 14th of February

T. L. Osborn
World Renowned evangelist, Dr. Tommy Lee Osborn passed on to glory on Thursday, February 14, 2013 at age 89. Evangelist Osborn was known as one of the Fathers of the Gospel.

Dr. Osborn, who established Osborn Ministries International with his wife, Daisy, in 1949 was “in no pain and had no sickness” according to a statement by his son, Bishop (Dr.) LaDonna Osborn who says, “the Lord simply took away his breath.”

He said, “My father was wrapped in love, his family surrounding him as he stepped through the veil into eternity. He is now in the presence of Jesus, whom he had served faithfully for 77 years. We can only imagine the sweet reunion between him and his beloved Daisy, three of his children, a granddaughter and a celebrating host of believers who are among the redeemed because of my father's ministry during more than 65 years to every corner of the earth. He was in his 90th year, having passed his 89th birthday on December 23, 2012. “

His ministry which has lasted over 60 years reached more than 100 nations with daily meetings that featured up to 300,000 attendees. Himself and his wife got married at ages 17 and 18 and went on to spread the Gospel in India at ages 20 and 21.


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