Saturday, July 20, 2013

King David’s Palace was Uncovered in Israel, Archaeologists Say

"This is unequivocal evidence of a kingdom's existence, which knew to establish administrative centers at strategic points.

To date no palaces have been found that can clearly be ascribed to the early tenth century BC as we can do now. Khirbet Qeiyafa was probably destroyed in one of the battles that were fought against the Philistines circa 980 BC.

The palace that is now being revealed and the fortified city that was uncovered in recent years are another tier in understanding the beginning of the Kingdom of Judah." - Israeli archaeologist

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"A nation of perverts and paedophiles" - Femi Fani Kayode

In reaction to the recent resolution passed by the Senate on the approval of Marriage for under-
Femi Fani-Kayode
aged children
, Femi Fani Kayode issued a press release titled "A nation of perverts and paedophiles". 

Fani-Kayode was the Special Assistant (Public Affairs) to President Olusegun Obasanjo from July 2003 until June 2006. He was appointed the Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Federal Republic of Nigeria from 22 June to 7 November 2006 and as the Minister of Aviation from 7 November 2006 to 29 May 2007.

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The Nigerian Senate includes some of the brightest minds in our country many of whom are friends of mine and most of whom have been in active politics for many years. They have my respect. However what transpired in the Senate chamber a few days ago was a great cause for concern for not just me but millions of Nigerians from all over the world. How an innocent and seemingly uninteresting, uninspiring and unimportant debate about when and at what age a Nigerian citizen could legitimately and lawfully renounce his or her citizenship turned into a referendum on paedophilia and child marriage, I don't know. Yet sadly that is precisely what happened and ever since then the nation has been on fire.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Nigerian Senate Approves Marriage for under-aged children

Last week, the Nigerian Senate passed a resolution to alter Section 29 (a) of the proposed constitutional amendment which states that a Nigerian girl can only qualify for marriage when she is at least 18 years old.

The Senate claimed that a woman is deemed to be full of age once she is married irrespective of her age.

The Proponents or supporters of the under-age marriage rule includes Senator Yerima Ahmad Sani, Zamfara West, who claimed that the provision which stipulates a certain age for women before getting married, was at variance with Islamic law.

After a moment of controversy, Senate President David Mark asked his colleagues to vote afresh on the provision, a situation that eventually went in favour of Sani, who, thereafter, thanked the Senate president and his colleagues for supporting his cause.

It is worthy of note that Senator Yerima Ahmad Sani had two years ago married a 13-year-old Egyptian in violation of the constitutional provision.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Boko Haram attacks and kills students in a boarding school in Yobe State

Boko Haram
According to recent reports by a local online site, Premium Times, the Nigerian military has increased the casualty figure in the dastardly raid on a boarding secondary school in Yobe state to 29. It was earlier reported that 20 students and a teacher were killed when gunmen, suspected to be Boko Haram members, attacked the school.

The spokesman of the Joint Task Force in Yobe, Eli Lazarus, confirmed the updated casualty figure in an email to PREMIUM TIMES.

He said gunmen suspected to be Boko Haram Terrorists attacked Government Secondary School Mamudo, near Potiskum Town in the early of Saturday.

He also said 4 students sustained injuries and are in “critical condition.”

Mr. Lazarus said no arrest has been made while a “cordon and search operation” is ongoing in the general area.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Who owns Lafiagi Primary School in Fegge area of Onitsha? - Catholic or Anglican Church

Anambra State
Anambra State-owned Lafiagi Primary School in Fegge area of Onitsha has become a subject of controversy as Catholic and Anglican churches are battling for its ownership.

The school, which situates between St Michael’s Catholic Church and St Faith’s Anglican Church, both in Fegge, was before the clash used by both churches for social activities.

Vanguard gathered that an incident occurred during Sunday’s worship as youths of both churches tried to stop the other from making use of the school field.

Parish Priest of St Faith’s Anglican Church, Rev Canon Obiora Uzochukwu, told newsmen yesterday that there had been a lingering crisis over the ownership of the land where the school was built.

According to him, trouble started when the state government gave the Anglican Church the space in the school to conduct its church service.

Rev Obiora said: “The Anglican Communion has been worshiping at the primary school for more than 40 years and we view the recent attack by the Catholics as a way of playing scripts written by unknown hands to intimidate us.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pastor Kumuyi's son suspended from Deeper Life Church over "Flashy" wedding

John Kumuyi, the son of the General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, William Kumuyi, has been suspended over the recent "flashy" wedding in Jamaica.

John married his heartthrob, Love Odih, in Jamaica on the 15th of June 2013 in a rather un-Deeper Life wedding which had some activities that were at variance with the church's humble standards. Specifically, negative comments were made of the bride's gown, her "unnatural hair", lipstick and the fact that a limousine was hired to take the couple away after the wedding. 

The Deeper Life church is firm on the teaching of holiness and living a practical Christian life. The most important teaching of the church pertains to its members living holy lives. 

Based on the public outcry of this wedding on social media, the church was rather forced to take action. Therefore the church leaders decided to suspend the couple so as to give them time to pray and seek forgiveness from God for their action.

Monday, July 1, 2013

The Founder of New Wine Church, Pastor Tayo Adeyemi passes on..

Pastor Tayo Adeyemi
Pastor Tayo Adeyemi (The Founder & Pastor of New Wine Church), is dead. He died on Sunday night at a undisclosed hospital in England.

Until his demise, it has been rumored of him been constraint to the wheel chair due to paralysis for some months. He has been through series of issues in recent times from divorce with his first wife to marriage to a member of his choir. 

He is known to be a great Bible Scholar, a motivational speaker and a great British/ Nigerian in diaspora.

Pray for the family for God to be with them and may his soul rest in peace.

Source: Nairaland


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