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We have exactly twenty-one days before the end of 2012, what plans or goals have you written out for 2013? Are they goals that you are willing to see through or make excuses for? 

I collated a list of quotes on excuses for you, as a means of motivating you to make most of your 2013!

  • "For many people, an excuse is better than an achievement because an achievement, no matter how great, leaves you having to prove yourself again in the future; but an excuse can last for life." Eric Hoffer
  • “Excuses are monuments of nothingness. They build bridges to nowhere. Those who use these tools of incompetence, seldom become anything but nothing at all.”
  • Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure. ~Don Wilder and Bill Rechin
  • Don't do what you'll have to find an excuse for. ~Proverb
  • No one ever excused his way to success. ~Dave Del Dotto
  • Excuses are the tools with which persons with no purpose in view build for themselves great monuments of nothing. ~Steven Grayhm
  • Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anyone else expects of you. Never excuse yourself. ~Henry Ward Beecher
  • We have more ability than will power, and it is often an excuse to ourselves that we imagine that things are impossible. ~Fran├žois de la Rochefoucauld
  • We are all manufacturers - some make good, others make trouble, and still others make excuses. ~Author Unknown
  • One of the most important tasks of a manager is to eliminate his people's excuses for failure. ~Robert Townsend
  • The person who really wants to do something finds a way; the other person finds an excuse. ~Author Unknown
  • If you always make excuses to not follow through you deserve the weight of anxiety on your chest. ~Daniel, @blindedpoet
  • If God had intended me to make excuses for who I am, He would have given me better excuses. ~Robert Brault,
  • A man can fail many times, but he isn't a failure until he begins to blame somebody else. ~John Burroughs
  • The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame. The gift is yours - it is an amazing journey - and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. This is the day your life really begins. ~Bob Moawad

Nigeria Will Overcome Challenges – Bishop Oyedepo

President of the Living Faith Church, (a.k.a Winners Chapel), and Chancellor of the Covenant University, Dr. David Oyedepo, has urged Nigerians to pray for God’s intervention to restore peace in the country, saying that Nigeria will overcome its current challenges.

Bishop Oyedepo who spoke yesterday at the closing of the annual convention of the church, ‘Shiloh 2012’ tagged ‘Double Portion’ at Canaan Land, Ota-Lagos, said Nigeria is strategic in Africa, hence the need for peace to reign supreme in the country.

The cleric who took time to pray for peace in the country, declared that bloodshed and terrorism would end in all parts of the country.

At the event attended by eminent Nigerians including wives of Kwara and Ogun state Governors, Mrs. Omolewa Ahmed and Olufunsho Amosun respectively, Bishop Oyedepo sought the wrath of God on those behind crisis and terrorism in the country.

He said “Nigeria is strategic in two ways. It is the most populous nation in Africa and it is a blessed nation, hence the need for the peace of God to reign supreme in the country. This country must not be burnt and by the prayers of the saints, God’s hands will henceforth rest on the nation and there shall be an end to all forms of crisis from the north to the south of Nigeria.”

He declared further that “Nigeria is today declared a safe haven and the peace of the Lord that passes all understanding will from today reign in this nation. There will be peace in all parts of the country and the fresh hands of God will as from today rest upon this nation.”

Oyedepo, who urged his teeming congregation to pray for President Goodluck Jonathan, who he described as the symbol of the country, stressed that Nigeria would move forward and no power of the enemy will triumph in the country again. Specifically, he prayed for boldness and courage for President Jonathan, even as he asked God to endow him with divine wisdom to lead the country aright.


Art Colony International Presents Christmas Magic

The annual goodwill concert organised by Art Colony International would be coming up on Saturday, December 15, 2012. 

Art Colony International made its debut in 2010

According to the organizers the show is a celebration that combines art with community development and charitable initiatives in the education sector.

Performances by Irawo (talking drum), Guchi Egbunine (tenor), Uduak Nsehe (piano) Emmanuel Fagbohun (violin), Premier Clarinet Quartet. Accompanied by The Christmas Magic String Ensemble & Jazz Band. 

Also Featuring: Norman MacLeod (Scottish bagpiper player), Yinka Davies, and Olufunmi will also be performing 

The comperes for the event are comedian Omo Baba and Ben Ogbeiwi

The venue is Agip Recital Hall, MUSON Center, 8/9 Marina, Onikan in Lagos for the Christmas Magic concert.

Tickets are available for sale at the Muson Centre and online at www.afritickets/com, at a cost of N3,000 for single, N5,000 for couple and N1,000 for Students/Children for regular and N10,000 for single and N15,000 for VIP.

You can also call 08023166192 or send and email;


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