Saturday, October 20, 2012

Steve Jobs, Death and the Afterlife - Bode Ososami

Many months ago, I started researching a story on Steve Jobs, looking for perhaps a different Christian perspective to his success, but only found a rare genius and an exceptional technological innovator, born to a Muslim father, adopted and raised Lutheran... later in life going to India to be indoctrinated to Asian religions and mentored by a Buddhist guru who shaped his views especially in the early years. I abandoned the story. But reading of his death and struggles with cancer, I am again reminded of the greatness of this entrepreneur who transformed the lives of billions in how they related. Here was someone who truly deserves all the honours and well earned encomiums for a far reaching legacy of goodness.

However, on death, the Bible speaks of two deaths for two kinds of people – the righteous in Christ (not just church goers) and the others (called the unrighteous). The first death which is a temporary death experience can happen to all peoples but some will escape it. The Bible says the righteous in Christ that are alive when He appears will be taken up to be with Him (raptured) and will have missed this death. Christ one day returns on earth with the raptured saints to reign for a thousand years and at the end of the millennium, the arrested Satan is permitted to deceive some for a while. All that are alive on earth when God brings an end to the earth and the heaven as we know it and comes to judge on a great white throne – will also have missed the first death. The Bible tells us not to fear this first death. 


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