Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cracking the Dress Code - Jen Wilkin

Recently I read an article written by a man addressing choice of dress among Christian women. What I read was a sensitive, well-​​presented plea for Christian women to consider the weaknesses of their spiritual brothers when choosing their clothes. Though many discussions of dress focus on “how short is too short” or “how low is too low,” this one avoided those legalistic pitfalls and took aim for the heart: what is your motive for choosing the clothes you choose?

The plea to bear with our Christian brothers by covering ourselves is an important one for Christian women to hear. Dressing modestly is one of the simplest ways a believer can distinguish herself from the world around her and keep herself free from sin. But any female over the age of 11 can tell you that modesty may not be the biggest hurdle to overcome in aligning our fashion with our faith.

Consider the following incident related to me by my 13-​​year-​​old son: With summer approaching, the band at his middle school planned a party at a local water park. Several moms went along as chaperones. One of the mothers, a woman presumably in her forties, chose to spend the day in a very small bikini that showcased her enhanced assets. As she snoozed in the sun, she became the topic of lively and inappropriate discussion among her son’s classmates.


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