Sunday, December 16, 2018

Watch new trailer "Breakthrough" - In Theaters Easter 2019!

BREAKTHROUGH is based on the inspirational true story of one mother’s unfaltering love in the face of impossible odds. When Joyce Smith’s adopted son John falls through an icy Missouri lake, all hope seems lost. But as John lies lifeless, Joyce refuses to give up. Her steadfast belief inspires those around her to continue to pray for John’s recovery, even in the face of every case history and scientific prediction.

Revealed!! Here are the ministers for WAFBEC 2019

The West Africa Faith Believers Convention (WAFBEC) organised by Covenant Christian Centre will be taking place from the 4th to the 11th of January 2019.

Here are the ministers that have been earmarked to grace the occasion.

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo: Pastor Ashimolowo is the founder and President of Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC), a ministry with a global footprint in 214 countries (via television) with a volunteer base of over 1000 staff. His weekly telecast WINNING WAYS is a source of inspiration and motivation to many. He is also the founder and CEO of about 10 profitable companies which include a global TV station - KICC TV.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Pastor Donnie McClurkin involved in a car accident

Pastor Donnie McClurkin was involved in a car accident and is currently in the hospital.

He shared what happened on his Facebook page. See below

Was in a serious accident at 12:50am this morning…passed out while driving on the highway. Totaled the car…hospitalized, going through a myriad of tests….. But I’m alive!!!

Lost consciousness driving…but two human angels followed my swerving car with their emergency blinkers onto stop traffic ….drove behind me until my car crashed into the middle concrete island. I remember none of it except those two angels pulling me out of the passenger’s side of the crumbled TOTALED car..airbags deployed…crushed metal and Fiberglas!! I AM ALIVE!!!!Somewhat mangled, stitches on left thumb, sprained wrist, hurt knee, but I’m still here! God and two angels saved my life! I owe them…
I am still here by the grace of God!
Thank you, Lord…thank you!

Thank God you are alive. God bless you

Join Pastor Poju Oyemade and Lanre Olusola at The Singles Summit - 15th December

Pastor Poju Oyemade of Covenant Christian Centre and Lanre Olusola a.k.a The Catalyst will be holding a session for singles at the Singles Summit.

Are you Single? Have you been single for a while now and you’re wondering why?

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Ghana to impose tax on anointing oil, other religious materials sold by churches

The Ghana Revenue Authority has stated that it will be imposing taxes on anointing oil and other religious materials sold by churches and Pastors.

This was revealed by the Commisioner-General, Emmanuel Kofi Nti. He also said that the only church revenues exempted from tax would be tithes and offerrings.

According to him, "The man of God; is he not an individual? And is he not accountable to the sate for his tax obligations? There is an opportunity for us to look at it." He went on to talk about the sticker of a popular Ghanaian pastor. He said the income accruing to the pastor from the sale of the sticker would be taxed.

The President of Ghana is said to bac k this plan citing the fact that the churches have now moved into the realms of wealth creation and prosperity instead of charity.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Shiloh 2018 "Dominion" will take place from 4th - 9th December 2018

The theme of Shiloh 2018 is "Dominion" and this evnt will take place from 4th to 9th of December 2018.

As usual, Bishop David Oyedepo and other anointed men of God will be ministering. There will be two sessions every day - Morning Session & Evening session

Venue is Faith Tabernacle Canaanland Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Here is the Bishop Oyedepo's message "Declaring Shiloh 2018"

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Holy Ghost Congress 2018 "Glory Ahead" takes place from 3rd - 5th December.

The Holy Ghost Congress 2018 is taking place from the 3rd - 5th of December 2018. The theme is "Glory Ahead"

As always, Pastor E.A Adeboye and other anointed ministers of God will be ministering. The venue is Redemption Camp, Km 46 Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Here is the welcome message by the Pastor E.A. Adeboye.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

New Music: Agbajoshu - Grateful Heart | @agbajoshu

Talented Nigerian Bassist, Agbajoshu is back with a new song titled "Grateful Heart"

Joshua Fashina known as Agbajoshu is bass player from Nigeria, he's started playing bass for over 25years, he has worked with both local and international artistes like Evang Ebenezer Obey, Mike Aremu, Ron Kenoly, Sonnie Badu,Tosin Martins, Folake umosen, Infinity, Tim Godfrey, Nosa, Yetunde- Are, Ibironke, Gbenga Adenuga etc, and has played into many songs,

Monday, May 28, 2018

Fulani herdsmen attack seminary in Jalingo, shoot priest

Early this morning, Fulani herdsmen attacked Sacred Heart Minor seminary in Jalingo in Taraba state and shot a priest in his leg.

The herdsmen stormed the school at 1.00a.m. this morning in search of Rev. Fr. Cornelius Koba who they claimed was preventing their cattle from grazing in the school's premises.

When they got him, one of the herdsmen attempted to shoot him in the head but was prevented by his colleague who did not want any person to be killed. However after warning him to stop preventing them from allowing their cattle graze in the school's compound, one of the herdsmen shot the Reverend Father in the leg as they were leaving the school.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Omolara Akinbola a.k.a Laraa drops debut single titled 'Afurum Gi N'Anya' | @iamtheomolara

Omolara Akinbola a.k.a Laraa has dropped her debut single titled 'Afurum Gi N'Anya' which in Ibo dialect means "I Love You".

In this song, she talks about the love she has for God, saying that she can do without a God that has proved His love to her.


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